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23 August 2006 

Individual Ready Reserve (Just so you know)

The Ready Reserve is authorized a maximum strength of 2,900,000 according to 10 USC 10142. The President may order up to one million Ready Reservists to active duty involuntarily for up to 24 months upon the President’s declaration of a national emergency (10 USC 12302). When Congress declares a state of war or national emergency, the President may order all Ready Reservists to active duty involuntarily for the duration of the war or emergency plus six months (10 USC 12301(a)). The President may order to active duty without consent any Ready Reservist who (1) is not assigned to or participating satisfactorily in a unit of the Ready Reserve, (2) has not fulfilled their statutory Reserve obligation, and (3) has not served on active duty for a total of 24 months. A member called to active duty under this law may be required to serve on active duty until total active duty equals 24 months, and original enlistment or other obligated period of service may be extended until he or she has served the required time (10 USC 12303).


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