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20 December 2009 

Nick names for people

I have lots of them, yep I do. A short list:

Wife - Sunshine
Daughter – Moon Unit or Virus (Mostly Moon Unit, some times Heart breaker)
Dog – Tree, Beatch, Suck up (Mostly Suck Up)
Cat – Bob, Sir Bob, Ass hole, Dick head, Prick, well you get the picture………..
Pops - Old Timen’ Dude
Moms – Crazy woman
Son – Brat
Sons Wife- What’s Her Name
Grand daughter – ARB
Son in law – Captain Bob
Brothers – The Baby and Bro
Father in law- Cool Dude
Mother in law – Mom (Yes I am scared of her, sure she is 5 foot nothing, but?)
Anything that scares me – The Green Things
My first wife – The X
My first wife’s brother in law – Scum Bag

Just for fun let’s put them all together.

Sunshine Moon Unit Tree Bob Old Timen’ Dude Crazy Woman Brat What’s her name ARB Captain Bob the Baby Cool Dude Mom the Green Things the X Scum Bag.

Dose that make me crazy?

"I am on the dirt frontage road to the internet thingy"

And don't waste my time calling me a racist, cause I aren't. So there!

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