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17 June 2014 

What's been up

Went to the hospital for a biopsy thingy. This is how it went down
DR - Dude your doctor wants a biopsy from your lung
Me - OK
DR – Dude she wants me to cut it out right next to a big blood tube
Me - Cool
DR – I am going to call your other her and tell her I want to drill your bone, and not mess with your lung
Me – Cool

After 15 minutes he comes back

DR- She said she was cool with the bone thing
Me – Cool

After 15 minutes off to the drilling room

Tech – We are going to lift you on the table now
Me – Drop the dang thing and I will get on it myself
Tech – Cool
Me – Drug time yet?
Tech – Waiting on the Doctor

After 15 minutes

Tech – Here some drugs
Me – Cool
DR – almost done
Tech – Here’s some more drugs
Me – Cool
DR – Done
Me – Cool

After 15 minutes

Nurse – How do you feel?
Me – Cool, wife get my pants
Nurse – How much pain do you feel scale 1 - 10?
Me – None
Wife – Drugs
Me – A 9 yes a 9
Nurse – you will have to stay longer
Me – I have no pain can I go now?

After 15 minutes

Nurse – Here is your wheel chair
Me – Cool
Nurse - Wait here while your wife gets the car
Me – No thanks have a good one

At the car

Wife – What the hell are you doing?
Me – Bacon now, PLEASE

"I am on the dirt frontage road to the internet thingy" And don't waste my time calling me a racist, cause I aren't. So there!