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19 April 2006 

Shit Happens!

Okay I was raised better than that. I should have said “It’s the Lords will, or the Lord has his plan”. But come on “Shit Happens” that phrase says a lot and it puts it all in one can. I know your thunking “where the hell did that come from”.

Okay so I was out with the childen’s, minding my own bizznezz, when as Psycho Duffess Bob does what he does best. He made a break for it. Can’t blame him. He just got home from the old folks home. Spoiled rotten to the core. Thanks guys, I love you. (Really I do)

Anyways, he bolts under a car. I need to get him out but he is being an ass. So I grab his tail and guess what? You got it, he starts with the attitude. No biggy. I got him by; let’s say about say 170 pounds.

Well make a long story short. I got my ass whipped. So Shit Happens!

“I am on the dirt frontage road to the internet thingy”

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