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12 May 2006 

Watch out the Big Dawg is going to speak

I hear W (A.K.A. The ever growing “DUMB ASS”) is going to talk to the nation tonight at 8PM. First no one, and I mean no one is going to listen. Hell NASCAR is running at Darlington. He is going to try and sell his “SALE OUT OF THE PEOPLE” or as he calls it now “A PATH WAY TO CITEZENSHIP”. The guy just does not get it. We do not want him to give the illegal immigrant a free ride. Dude wake the fuck up. Secure the boarder and kick the Fuckers’ OUT. Do I need to come up there and smack you? Listen to what your people are sayn’. Good Lord get it already. I am not going to hold my breath on it.

“I am on the dirt frontage road to the internet thingy”

Take it slow and keep your head up. That way you can see the bullshit coming.
And don’t waste my time calling me a racist, cause I aren’t. So there!

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