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19 August 2006 

The United Nations urged European countries yesterday to commit to a peacekeeping force for Lebanon

Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown

"It's not going to go there and attempt large-scale disarmament," he said.

"Rather it is going to police the political agreement which triggers disarmament called for under the resolution."

France had led calls in the Council for an early ceasefire in Israel's bid to disable Hezbollah, persuading the United States that the militia group could be prevented from regrouping through the rapid deployment of 15,000 UN troops in support of 15,000 soldiers the Lebanese army planned to deploy.

France let it be known it would also lead the force.

But at a multi-national meeting Thursday of potential troop contributors -- attended also by Canada -- France offered to deploy only 200 soldiers to the 3,500 the UN wants in place by Aug. 27.

Delegates to the closed meeting revealed yesterday that several non-Muslim countries were concerned about force rules giving the Lebanese army the lead in decisions about whether to attempt to disarm Hezbollah.

"As it stands the UN force is obliged to support the Lebanese if they decide to enforce a weapons-free zone," said one delegate.

"But there have been mixed messages from the Lebanese about how much control they are going to enforce throughout southern Lebanon. At the moment Hezbollah has influence in the Lebanese government and is even a part of it, but some countries worry there could be a power shift.

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