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27 January 2007 

Hate crime at Guilford College

GREENSBORO — Prosecutors are reviewing a copy of Guilford College's report on an alleged ethnically motivated attack on three Palestinian students last weekend and are deciding how to move forward.

Guilford County Assistant District Attorney Howard Neumann said prosecutors will consider three options in assessing the charges brought against five Guilford College football players in the attack:

*Prosecute the case based on the witness statements and the report put together by the college's public safety department.
* Ask the Greensboro Police Department to conduct a follow-up investigation.
*Drop the charges.

Neumann said he's not sure when the decision will be made."That would depend on whether we need to ask the police to actively get involved in the investigation, or whether what we have is sufficient to make a decision," Neumann said.

On Friday the FBI confirmed it is investigating the case to determine if there was a federal civil rights violation.

The college has faced criticism this week for not alerting police to the incident. Campus security employees, who responded to the incident, are not sworn officers and do not carry weapons or have police powers.

Fetrow said Greensboro police are called only if campus security can't handle a situation. He stands behind the decision not to involve authorities.

Greensboro police said Friday that they still haven't talked to the alleged victims, who pressed charges at the magistrate's office rather than contacting police, or to the suspects.

Because they weren't called the night of the incident, police said, their role in the case — beyond making arrests — has been minor."

If the victims themselves elect to take out warrants on their own, we play a more minimal role in the investigation," Lt. Brian James said.

"They're choosing to identify the suspects themselves, take out the warrants themselves, go to court themselves and defend these charges."

When they go to court, we play no role in that because we didn't take out the charges and we weren't witnesses to the incident."

If I read this right, no police report, no police investigation, the FBI is investigating. I am totally lost on this one. Not hard to do.

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