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26 January 2007 


What is he charged with?

Count 1: Obstruction of Justice (18 U.S.C. Section 1503)
Counts 2-3: False Statements (18 U.S.C. Section 1001(a)(2))
Counts 4-5: Perjury (18 U.S.C. Section 1623)

What he is not charged with

Fitzgerald did not rule out future charges, and he said that Libby's alleged obstruction made it impossible to know all the facts.

The special counsel's office said that Plame's CIA employment was classified and that her connection to the CIA "was not common knowledge outside the intelligence community" prior to Novak's column. Disclosing such information had "the potential to damage the national security," the office said in a news release.

But Fitzgerald also noted that proving illegal disclosure of classified information under various federal statutes is difficult. The 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act, for example, requires a prosecutor to show that a government official knowingly disclosed the identity of a covert officer and has been used in only a handful of cases.

So the rabid leftist pinko commie dogs still don’t have a clue.

“I am on the dirt frontage road to the internet thingy”

Take it slow and keep your head up. That way you can see the bullshit coming. And don’t waste my time calling me a racist, cause I aren’t. So there!

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