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19 January 2007 

Walking to support the military

Howell man to make second attempt at 50-mile trek to Trenton

On Nov. 9, aware of the United States' war effort, Craig Breiner got an idea — walk 50 miles, carrying an American flag, in support of the military and veterans.

Two days later, on Veterans Day, Breiner stepped off the Belmar boardwalk, with the Atlantic Ocean behind him and the Delaware River and Trenton ahead of him.

"I had no preparation," said Breiner, 30, who lives in a Windmill Club townhouse in Howell. "It was a spur of the moment, last second thing."

"I was about ready to have a baby, any day," said his wife, Brooke, 28. "I didn't want him to go. He went anyway."

A baby boy, Christian, arrived three days later, Nov. 14. Breiner also has a daughter, Emily, 6.

As for Breiner, he did not arrive — instead petering out along the Manalapan-Millstone Township boundary, or about 38 miles and 9 1/2 hours into the walk.
"I was moving 'til the last two miles," Breiner said. "Then, my knee . . ." "I have a bad knee," Breiner added, explaining he injured his right knee in a Marine Corps training accident. "I wear a knee brace."

Breiner served as a Marine from 1999 to 2003. He was recalled to duty in 2004 to 2005, including about seven months in Iraq. He is now considered an inactive reservist.

The Marine is going to try again, Saturday — starting in Belmar at 16th Avenue and the boardwalk at 6 a.m., aiming to end at the Statehouse in Trenton around 7 p.m.

Read the rest, I like the reasons for both attempts.

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