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11 July 2009 

Dude my head hurts

Do you think these idiots really have a clue?

You know the fools running the place.

No offense to the Pink “O” commie’s, Tree huggers. Nudists, and Gay and Lesbians, Global Warming fools (Wait its Climate change now, right?) and don’t forget the transgender challenged. And let’s throw in the good old “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS”. Did I get all of you? I am not a Democrat so I may have missed some of their base.

So did that piss you off? GOOD

Hope and Change. I see change but I have no hope. Why you ask, thanks for asking.

Unlike the fools that elected the clown show (which the MSM had a hand in, and are still covering his backside). I do not believe that my country owes me a free ride. Yep, hard too believe. I was raised by a Mother and Father too. I know hush your mouth. I am going to get run out of town for saying that.

Dude my life has not been easy. I have had more than my share of fun. But I sucked it up and pulled myself out of the hole. I have lost 2 house’s, 2 wife’s medical bill’s, and hard to believe never ask for you to help me. My family did and I did what was needed.

I now have Sunshine in my life and you lazy no good for nothing bums want me to pay for your free ride.


Get over it and hug a tree!

"I am on the dirt frontage road to the internet thingy"

And don't waste my time calling me a racist, cause I aren't. So there!