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21 September 2008 

Small fury things

You know that last post go me to thinking. My whole life my family has had a pet of one kind or the other. Be it a dog or cat, a frog or a lizard or some God forsaken fish. We always had them. I know my dad did not go out looking to have one. Heck in my adult life I never did. They just showed up, and we took them in as a part of the family. So it got me thinking (pick your butt up off the ground). Do we choose our so called pets, or do they choose us. I mean if a dog does not like you he/she will bite you. If a cat does not like you he/she will claw you. If a fish does not like you he/she will, what? Point I was going to make was “Our pets pick us not the other way round”. Think about it. They stay for a reason. Most times to help us, they could run the streets and party like 1999. Do they? No because they pick us (you and me) to be part of their world. It’s a small world that requires not much from us, just some love and food and water. But the joy they bring is unsurpassed. And now “Sir Bob: wants a butt scratch, so I have to go. Like I said who owns who? Later

"I am on the dirt frontage road to the internet thingy"

And don't waste my time calling me a racist, cause I aren't. So there!

Dogs I'm pretty sure choose us in spite of the fact that rarely do we exhibit qualities that make us deserving of their loyalty.

Cats, on the other hand (or paw, fin, pseudopod) I think tend to analyze the situation and do a careful cost/benefit analysis and then use weighted averages to factor in their loathing, fear, anger, affection, etc. If the final quotient presents well below the threshold value, they make your life hell. If it is above their threshold value and still find that they just don't feel good that day, then they will also make your life a living hell.

Some cats, like our last one, stay for one of two reason (or both in this instance): one, because they actually like you, and two, because they are not intellectually gifted enough to know better. He was a great kitteh though. A wonderful, kind, affectionate little guy.

But he wasn't a dog, and ultimately he just couldn't fight that (or old age).

Fish live or die - IMHO - for reasons which we will never know.

Great line of questioning! That is, if Sir Bob agrees.

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