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28 March 2009 

Please don't let our brave Soldiers down!

Dear You that are reading this,

The 165,000 Soldiers currently serving in the Middle East need your support now more than ever!

With brutal conditions in Afghanistan and Iraq -- where temperatures can reach as high as 140 degrees -- our Soldiers are pleading with us for relief!

With this extreme heat, our Soldiers are counting on us to help them in their time of need. That's why I am turning to you for your critical support!

To bring aid and comfort to our heroes, I'm asking for your help to send tens of thousands of COOLING SCARVES and SAND SCARVES so that all of our troops have at least one.

The COOLING SCARVES help keep our Soldiers cool in the cruel heat of the desert. Soaked just a few minutes in cold water, they swell up with that water and stay ice cold.

They are designed to stay cold for 48 hours. But in the searing heat of the Middle East, they typically cool a Soldier for about 15 hours before needing to be "recharged" in water.

When a Soldier wraps a COOLING SCARF around the back of his neck, it has an incredible cooling effect...making the overwhelming desert heat bearable again.

The SAND SCARVES are made of 100% knit cotton for comfort and keep sand from the nostrils and mouth and when tucked into the shirt, prevent the sand from getting inside their clothing.

Please don't underestimate the importance of the COOLING and SAND SCARVES. After all, our Soldiers are at even greater risk in the punishing heat and brutal elements because it's very difficult for them to keep their wits about them.

The desert heat and sand literally make it almost impossible to think clearly.

And that is not only a danger for them but for all their fellow Soldiers as well. Our Soldiers have to depend on their companions to perform their jobs well.

They are in life and death situations nearly every day. The ability to think logically and react quickly is crucial for survival.

As our men and women face the intense elements and increasing hot temperatures in the desert, we are swamped by requests from Soldiers pleading with us to send as many COOLING SCARVES and SAND SCARVES as we possibly can during this time.

I simply cannot say NO to our Soldiers in need. As a loyal supporter of Soldiers' Angels I know you feel the same way.

With over 165,000 soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan we MUST continue to provide for our troops who bravely serve our country.

Can I count on your support so that we can show each and every Service member how much we care for them?

Please send $28 if you can; that would help us supply a soldier with 1 COOLING SCARF and 1 SAND SCARF. If you can send more that would be a Godsend.

A generous donation of $1,120 would help us supply an entire 40 Soldier platoon with COOLING and SAND SCARVES.

To accomplish our mission to send thousands of COOLING and SAND SCARVES halfway around the world...we need to start preparing now. That's why your immediate reply is needed.

To support our heroic men and women who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan on our behalf, please click here and make your donation today.

Please don't let our heroes down.


Patti Patton-Bader

Please click on the the link below, Thanks


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