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23 November 2009 

H. R. 3590 made easy!

‘‘(4) PRIORITY FOR SERVING HIGH-RISK POPULATIONS.—The eligible entity gives priority to providing services under the program to the following:

‘‘(A) Eligible families who reside in communities in need of such services, as identified
in the statewide needs assessment required under subsection (b)(1)(A).
‘‘(B) Low-income eligible families.
‘‘(C) Eligible families who are pregnant women who have not attained age 21.
‘‘(D) Eligible families that have a history of child abuse or neglect or have had interactions with child welfare services.
‘‘(E) Eligible families that have a history of substance abuse or need substance abuse treatment.
‘‘(F) Eligible families that have users of tobacco products in the home.
‘‘(G) Eligible families that are or have children with low student achievement.
‘‘(H) Eligible families with children with developmental delays or disabilities.
‘‘(I) Eligible families who, or that include individuals who, are serving or formerly served in the Armed Forces, including such families that have members of the Armed Forces who have had multiple deployments outside of the United States.

Simple! I tell you it is so simple.

You live in a dump (Chicago), not making much money, got a knocked up young one, been abused as a child, (real or not), been crying to child welfare services, doing drugs, got a dumb kid, or a really, really slow dumb kid.

Guess what?

You get to go to the head of the line for a free hand out.

If you served your country in the Armed Force’s……….

Take a number you’re not getting anything.

Nothing to see here, go away.

"I am on the dirt frontage road to the internet thingy"

And don't waste my time calling me a racist, cause I aren't. So there!

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