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16 November 2009 

Key stuck in the ignition?

No problem, call AAA. Great plan in theory, a dude that works for Moon Unit’s Father shows up. Fix it? Nope told me to call Moon Unit’s Dad. Well we all know cracker don’t roll that way so………

I disconnect the battery and call it a day, well I did have a couple of them cold beverages. Got up and said, dude you can fix this, yep I did. Wife told me take to the dealer, what was she thinking?

So I jumped on the internet thing. They told me it was in the switch. Cool lets go rip the dash out. Dude dash ripped out and I find a button, not just any button. This is the supper cool button. Push it the key comes out.

Problem solved, far from it. I have parts all over the place. So the light hit me, yep it did. Let’s drill a hole in the steering column so I can get to the supper cool switch. Wife thought that was not a good idea, heck what does she know, about the super cool switch.

Hole drilled and I can take a screw driver and hit the supper cool switch and get the key out. Problem solved, well not really, but I can live with it. Wife (God Bless Her) calls me all kind of names. So Cracker said OK.

Back to the internet thing, I should have looked at that before I bought this truck. Turns out my truck is well, not that good. But what the heck you going to do? I find some dude in Denver and he said get this, check the shifter.

So cracker goes out and checks it, dude it just kind of fell off in my hands. Well we all know this is not good, nope.

So I consulted with the puppy and she said “get one of them there star type screw drivers”. I was like, WHAT?

I knew there was a reason I have spent so much money on that dog. I got a star screw driver and put the shifter back on and tightened the screw. I can now get the key out. But yes I have a hole in the column.

I should have just asked the puppy in the first place.

"I am on the dirt frontage road to the internet thingy"

And don't waste my time calling me a racist, cause I aren't. So there!

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