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14 June 2006 

Roethlisberger Could Be Discharged Soon

From AP Sports

PITTSBURGH -- Ben Roethlisberger will likely be able to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers this season. (really, the dude would play with one leg and no eye's ifn' he had too)

The Super Bowl-winning quarterback has a long road to recovery to worry about first. (DUH, he hit like a PLOPN' a car dude)

Roethlisberger was upgraded to fair condition at Mercy Hospital on Tuesday, a day after his bloody (for dramatice effect only) motorcycle accident at a busy Pittsburgh intersection left him and his team shaken. (dude he hit a PLOPN' car, shaken or tossed, whats your point?)

Despite being tossed high into the air after his made-for-speed motorcycle (thats right guys motorycles are made to go fast. DUH) rammed into a car, causing him to smack his head on the car's windshield, (wait I thought he was tossed high in the air?) Roethlisberger escaped career-threatening injuries. (Thank the good LORD for that, DUDE) He could be out of the hospital within three to five days

Hang in there BRO. K

P.S. I think sunshine is mad at you, watch your back dude.

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