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17 May 2006 

Okay my last post on this cuzz I give up

Someone gets it:

"Thinly veiled attempts to promote amnesty cannot be tolerated,' said Rep. Tom Price of Georgia. "While America is a nation of immigrants, we are also a nation of laws, and rewarding those who break our laws not only dishonors the hard work of those who came here legally but does nothing to fix our current situation."

But wait:

In votes that crossed party lines, the Senate rejected 55-40 a requirement that the border be secured before other immigration changes are made. They also voted 69-28 to scuttle a Democratic amendment to exclude foreigners and recent illegal immigrants from a new guest worker program.

Oh and I can’t say fuck no more so in its place I will use plop. So PLOP IT.

“I am on the dirt frontage road to the internet thingy”

Take it slow and keep your head up. That way you can see the bullshit coming.
And don’t waste my time calling me a racist, cause I aren’t. So there!

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